The Advantages of Being a Writer

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It is undeniable that most parents worry about their children who want to go into the creative arts, because it is a chancy business. The probability that one will be successful in the world of acting, music, or fine arts is very small unless one is incredibly talented or incredibly lucky.

Writers are perhaps a little apart from creative artists in this respect, perhaps because writing has a practical side to it. After all, information is power, and the best way to communicate information is through the written word.

Professional writers have it pretty much made. They can get into any type of writing from grant proposals to scripts using the same basic tools: good grammar, wide vocabulary, good organizational skills, and the urge to put ideas into words. While writing is considered an art, there is no real need for a writer per se to be passionate. Putting words to paper (or word processor) is essentially a mechanical act, so you can write about anything even if you have no personal stake in it. Why is this good? It is exhausting to be always in alt, which is probably why a lot of artists die young. Writers tend to be more hardy and down to earth than other artists.

Writers can also keep going until they die, or go senile. Because the work is mostly cerebral, as long as they can lift a pen or type on a keyboard, they can write.

Of course, not all writers make it into the big leagues; a vast majority of them remain anonymous. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Writers seldom starve because there is always work available, even if it is just ghostwriting, and they get to do what they like every time.

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